Our proposals


Raw wild silver salmon and goat cheese cream G,P,L,U €18

Gallega-style octopus on vegetable couscous M €18

Tunisian tuna brik with tamarind and lime sauce P,G,L,U €16

Cod meatballs and BBQ sauce P,G €14

Seafood stew with croutons G,C,M €16

Gillardeau oysters (1/2 dozen) served with butter and croutons M €23

Our raw food proposal – 2 Gillardeau oysters, 2 scampi, 2 red prawns and 2 tiger prawns with butter and croutons C,M €33

First cours

Ricotta gnocchi with prawns, basil and tomato pesto G,C,L, €15

Ravioli with shellfish, onions and sea urchins C,M,G,L,U €20

Blue crab cobblers, coconut curry and vegetables SEMI,G,C,L,F €19

Spaghetti with seafood G,C,M €17

Linguine with lobster G,C €25

main corse

Shellfish catalan with rocket and spring onion
and fresh tomato C €30; with 1/2 lobster C €40

Seared tuna steak, pea gazpacho with snow peas and citron P €27

What the sea offers with a salad of cherry tomatoes, basil and capers

(depending on the market)

Mixed fried fish with fish and vegetables P,M,G,C €30


Fish of the day P €6.00 hectogram


    Artisanal spoon sorbet €6
    Baked panna cotta with caramel or berries or chocolate L €7                                                
    Puff pastry with Chantilly cream G,L,U €7
    Cocoa tartlet with white chocolate namelaka and fresh fruit G,L,U €8
    Celery and lime semifreddo with dried fruit crumble G,L,U €8
    Passion fruit caipirinha, mango confit ASS,L €8
    Pizzo Calabrian truffle F,L €8