Our proposals


Appetizer to share: Mrs. mozzarella "la Zizzona", baked sardines, smoked eel cooked in oil with our pickled vegetables, fish liver croutons (minimum for two) G, P, L €17 per person
Vegetable cannoli with amberjack tartare and pears, friggitelli and Tabasco sauce P,G €17
Spelled salad with wild salmon, herbs and vegetables from the garden with parsley emulsion P, G €17
Salt cod meatballs and BBQ sauce P,G €14
Seafood stew with croutons G,C,M €15
Gillardeau oysters (1/2 dozen) with butter and croutons M €22
Our crudity proposal – 2 Gillardeau oysters, 2 scampi,

2 red prawns and 2 tiger prawns with butter and croutons C,M €30

First cours

Ricotta dumplings with prawns, basil pesto and tomato G,C,L, €14
Linguine with lemon, with tuna, turmeric, dill, blonde raisins and
tuna roe P,G €18
Cannelloni with nettle and turbot on yellow datterini sauce, nettle béchamel
and transparent chips U,G,P,L €20
Garganelli creamed with beer with mushrooms, shrimp and baby spinach G, M, U €17
Spaghetti with seafood G,C,M €17
Linguine with lobster G,C €24

Main cours

Shellfish Catalana with rocket and spring onion
and fresh tomato C € 30 ( with 1/2 lobster ) C €40
Swordfish and eggplant pie with papadum (Indian bread) G,P,U €27
Monkfish medallions, spicy sour sauce and fennel salad
and tins P,G €28
Mixed fried fish and vegetables P,M,G,C €28
Caprese with grilled fruit, buffalo mozzarella and  seared tuna  SEMI ,L, P €24


     Artisanal spoon sorbet (L) €5
     Melon and coconut namelaka (G,L)€7
    Puff pastry with chantilly cream (G,L,) €7
    Baked panna cotta with caramel, berries or chocolate (L) €6
    Chocolate aubergines with candied fruit and cold barley cream (L,F) €8
    Semifreddo with White Russian (L,U,G, ASS) €8
    The Fruits of Salerno ( L F ) €8