Our proposals


Marinated amberjack fillets with rhubarb and fish egg dressing , P €18

Pissaladière with onion jam, taggiasche olives and spatula fish P,G,L ,U €17

Homemade squid steamed with oranges, dill and radicchio late to the plate M, €17

Cod meatballs and sauce BBQ P,G €14

Seafood stew with croutons G,C,M €16

Gillardeau oysters (1/2 dozen) served with butter and croutons € 23

Our raw offer - 2 Gillardeau oysters, 2 scampi, 2 red shrimps and 2 tiger shrimps with butter and croutons C,M €33

First cours

Ricotta gnocchetti with shrimps, basil pesto and tomato G,C,L,   €15
Sea bass ravioli in katsuobushi broth and cuttlefish carpaccio P,M,G,L,U   € 20

Homemade tagliatelle with ricciola , artichokes and cherry tomatoes G,P,U   € 20                       
Paccheri del Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri with escarole, smoked herring and rye bread cream G,M ,F,L €19                                           
Spaghetti with seafood G,C,M   € 17
Linguine with lobster G,C   € 25

Main cours

Catalan of crustaceans with rocket, spring onion                                                                                   
and fresh tomato C   € 30     with 1/2 lobster C   € 40                                                                                   
Grilled swordfish steak with salmoriglio and ratatouille roll P   € 27
Mackerel open with mellassa , hard-boiled eggs and vegetables with rosmarnino sauce P,G,U   € 24
Mixed fry with paranza and verdurine P,M,G,C   € 30                                         
Hake and salmon trout sausage with onion reduction, Brussels sprouts and fennel cream P   € 25
Fish of the day P   € 6,00


     Artisan sorbet spoon   € 6
    Cupboard cake G,L ,U   € 7
    Puff pastry with chantilly cream G,L ,U   € 7
    Baked panna cotta with caramel or berries or chocolate L  € 7
    Bigne' craquelin with chocolate cream G,L ,U   € 8
    Apple strudel with English cream G,L ,U   € 8
    The fruits of Salerno F,L   € 8